About Resort Mazvikadei

Mazvikadei Leisure Resort & Conference Centre

Situated 17km from Banket, Mazvikadei Leisure Resort & Conference Centre is just over an hours’ drive from Harare on the main Kariba road between the commercial farmlands of Banket and Raffingora. This tranquil haven offers unsurpassed conference facilities, totally removed from the distractions of daily office life, as well as the opportunity of afterhours relaxation, provides a perfect combination for out of town functions. Mazvikadei Resort has been created to blend with African bush, sheltering in the filtered shade of indigenous trees. For those who simply want to enjoy nature walks or even relax by the pool side, Mazvikadei Leisure Resort’s unique ambience affords visitors that luxury. Mazvikadei offers comfortable inexpensive accommodation in a spectacular setting